About People


Name – Dr.Indudipa Sinha
Artistic Director
Contact No. – 9432202045

Professional Experience :
 Medical doctor; presently working in Calcutta Medical Research Institute
 Dance-movement Therapist & Psychological counsellor; area of special interest is “clinical aspect of body-mind connection”
 Dancer ; started training in Kathak& Indian ballet at the age of 4; received training from Guru Amita Dutta, Amala Shankar &Debasree Bhattacharyya ; performed all over India in different festivals like kathakMahayagna, Udai Shankar dance festival, Mysore dance festival etc.
 Actor; performed all over India in different festivals like Prithvi theatre festival, Bharat Rang Mahotsav (NSD), EZCC theatre festival, Short&Sweet theatre festival etc.; performed with eminent directors like Sudipto Chatterjee, Seema Mukherjee, Debesh Chatterjee, VandanaAlaseHazra, Debasish Roy & many more
 Art manager; graduated from “Strategic Management in the Art of Theatre” organised by IFA & ITF
 Co-founder of her own performance company “Project Prometheus”

Name – Krishnendu Adhikari
• Secretary
• Contact No. – 8961013679

• E-mail address – adhikari_krishnendu@yahoo.com

• Professional Experience :
 Received extensive training in physical & vocal acting under the guidance of Smt. SimaMukhopadhyaya&Prof.Sudipto Chatterjee
 Received workshop-based training in body awareness, body attitude &kinesthetics under the guidance of Martin Kaisserliane, SudiptoKundu& others
 Received workshop-based training in southern style Kalaripayattu under the guidance of ArkaMukhopadhyaya
 Received training in various kinds of movement-based choreography
 Part of “Spectactor” theatre group directed by Prof.Sudipto Chatterjee
 Performed all over India in prestigious theatre festivals like Bharat Rang Mahotsab (Natioal School of Drama), Rangmohana theatre festival, Short&sweet theatre festival, EZCC national theatre festival etc.
 Assisted in many workshops related to various performances, voice modulation, body awareness
 Have worked with school childrens in many programmes
 Co-founder of own performance company “Project Prometheus” [A young ensemble company set up in July month of 2016 and comprising of performers, dancers, actors, singers, mime artists, art therapists, psychologists and many more. The company functions in three sectors : 1) Dance & Theatre Performance 2) Arts therapy & well-being 3) Preservation of art, culture , space and artiste ]