“Project Prometheus” is a young ensemble company set up in July month of 2016 and comprising of performers, dancers, actors, singers, mime artists, art therapists, psychologists and many more. The company functions in three sectors :
1) Dance & Theatre Performance : The company has produced one full-length play “Code Red” and three short plays like “OrdhekJibon”, “ Uttoradhikar” and “Ektisohojkhunergolpo” till date. The company regularly organises both theoretical & practical workshops & training sessions on acting, dance, voice training & improvisation, theatre music, various physical art-forms etc. conducted by renowned facilitators from different discipline.
2) Arts therapy & well-being : The company organises various sessions on stress management, alternative art therapy, life-style management, health& wellness etc.
3) Preservation of art, culture & space [Plan in pipeline] :
• Performance in abandoned places
• Documentary of different art-forms and artisans