Dance & Theatre Performance

The company has produced one full-length play “Code Red” and three short plays like…

Arts therapy & well-being

The company organises various sessions on stress management, alternative art therapy, life-style management, health& wellness etc.

Preservation of art, culture & space

a) Performance in abandoned places
b) Documentary of different art-forms and artisans


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Current Production

A psychologist from a mass-grave-digging team in war-field, being exhausted with dead-bodies & war-collaterals, took a transfer to serve in army hospital, where he met a mass-raped girl rescued from war-field. Primarily being mute, the traumatised girl was severely sceptic to her surrounding and to her unborn child, when she discovered herself to be pregnant due to mass-rape. The psychologist had a series of conversation with the girl in attempt to inject new hope for her life and in search of new pulsation amidst of necropolis. Finally she decided to keep her child and the psychologist quits the war-field. Collectively, they realised that destruction-oppression-alienation-violence, all must be temporary; on the other hand, search for genesis and peaceful co-existence among people can surely be an effective resistance against marginalisation of all sort. The whole story runs parallel to the journey of humankind and their ever-lasting quest for a leadership as depicted by Rabindranath Tagore in “Sishutirtha”.




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Theatre Name:M.A.D (Mad About Drama)
Time:4.45 PM to 7.45 PM

Theatre:Star Theatre
79/3/4 A,Hatibagan More,Bidhan Sarani,Beadon Street,Kolkata-700006

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